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Professional Conference And Trade Show Production

We produce many types of trade show-style events, including events in the Construction, Technology, Tech, Manufacturing, Telecom, Outdoors , Charity Fundraising, and Lifestyle events.

As a company, we believe strongly in offering customers more than what they’ve paid for. We structure our shows in a way that makes them convenient, cost-effective, and beneficial — both from a marketing standpoint and a financial standpoint.

Recipe for Success

With new and unproven trade shows popping up daily, it’s important to know why choosing to invest in our events is a sound choice.

We use data driven decision making to build the most ROI into every participation option from attending and partnerships to exhibitors and sponsors.

We have developed, produced and managed over 2,000,000 square feet of exhibit space
B2B Exhibiting Companies Have Chosen Us For The Highest ROI In The Industry
Attendees From 47 US States And 20 Countries.

Why A Trade Show?

We don’t follow trends, we create them.

Struggling to see the value of exhibiting? Consider this:

We are a team of seasoned trade show management professionals with over twenty years combined experience of producing world-class events that deliver measurable returns for exhibitors.


Events currently in development cover countless industries, everything from technology and telecom to industry and manufacturing.


According to the Center for Exhibition Industry Research:

  • 81% of trade show attendees have buying authority.
  • 78% of trade show attendees travel more than 400 miles to attend a show, meaning a national audience.
  • 99% of marketers say they found unique value from trade shows that can’t be found anywhere else.
  • 67% of trade show attendees represent a new prospect for each exhibitor, meaning trade shows are rich in new business targets.


Let's Work Together.

Let’s find out how to work together and create something meaningful or valuable.